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About Hallowed Lake

Fishing, Family, and Friends to Refresh the Soldier

Hallowed Lake has been a dream for ten years. Once Scott, the President of Hallowed Lake, collected his DD-214 and left the Army after 15 years, he returned to Kansas to be close to family. He soon realized Kansas had changed in many ways. The places he hunted and fished as a kid were now off-limits because Kansans' had begun leasing their hunting and fishing land to people around the United States. The lease agreements make it almost impossible to hunt and fish unless you use public lands where the Kansas government allows.

While Scott envisioned Hallowed Lake during a 16 month deployment in Iraq, he thought it would never be possible. Scott has now been out of the Army for seven years and has healed to where he is ready to lead Kansans' to not only give veteran's a place to fish, but in a fight for truth about veteran's and the lack of help from the government. "Hallowed Lake, will not only be a place of peace for veterans and their families, it will be a truth finder and news outlet for people in Kansas who will never get the facts through the media or government!"(Scott).


Hallowed Lake, will be a place for Veterans of the United States to fish with their family and friends. It will have cabins which may be rented for a weekend or week at very low prices or free, depending on funds. Hallowed Lake will also have a meeting lodge for veterans and their families to use for special occasions: weddings, graduations, reunions and so on. Every building at Hallowed Lake will be wheel chair accessible and provide comfort for every person and for the Veterans who visit. It will be somewhere in the beautiful Flint Hills and provide scenery which many never get to see.

Scott also believes Kansans' do not know the level of help which a veteran does not receive and compared to many of the Midwest states Kansas is one of the worst to live in for a veteran. This is a major area Scott wants to address. "Kansas people, the people I grew up with, the people I know, love and respect veterans; they will help, they will give, but only if they know"! (Scott) This website and Hallowed Lake will be a place to check facts about Kansas. 

We need your help. Kansas and the rest of United States must take part, every person needs to get behind their veterans; the government continues to pass laws which many veterans cannot qualify for. The trick is to make legislation which can never be reached but people believe something is happening. We desire to help veterans and as we grow and with your help, we will do great things for the Kansas veterans and veterans all over America. Please consider Hallowed Lake as you donate. Dreams do happen and as Scott says: "The everyday person is the key to Hallowed Lake!"

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