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How Can You Help Hallowed Lake?

Hallowed Lake is in its third phase of  building since our start in March of 2021. Phase one: All paperwork and 501 (c) (3) status complete; Phase two: Raise $10,000 for start-up costs; Phase three: Raise $2,400,000 to buy land in Kansas for the purpose of Hallowed Lake.

Ways to help Hallowed Lake:

1) Prayer - Please place us on your church or organization prayer list. Pray for wisdom for Scott and the Board, also pray for Veteran's who need a place to relax for a short time, allow them to have the peace they deserve. "God is the One who will plant Hallowed Lake, not the government!" Scott


2) Donations - We are able to accept donations and provide a tax id number for you to use as a tax right off for the IRS. We have made the decision to not accept any money from the government; our 501(c)(3) is only for your benefit. Our donations come from private donors and individuals who love Veterans and see the need for a place to get some rest.  Money can be donated here on the website by hitting the Donate button. If you see Scott you can give him money, earmarked for Hallowed Lake. Or you can send money to:

Scott Pracht,

720 Hudson St.

Marion KS, 66861.

(Please place a note with the money telling us how you found us and if you would like our tax id number.)

You can see us also at events we go to where we set up an informational tent. Meet Scott and the Board and pick up a free lure.

3) Get the Word out - We have different ways to help individuals to help talk about Hallowed Lake. Send an email to Scott or call 620-381-3231. Word of mouth is the most effective way for Hallowed Lake to raise money, you telling a friends helps us more than anyone knows. 

Follow us on Facebook Hallowed Lake or Scott Pracht to stay up on future events we will be attending or in the future sponsoring. 

Helpful Script to tell people:  Hallowed Lake is a non profit organization who is 

raising money, to buy land and build a lake for Veterans. The lake will have ten (10) cabins which veterans and their families can stay in for 7 days, just to enjoy being home. Every Veteran needs a place to vacation, to unwind and relax. We have great dreams of concerts, homes for homeless, hunting and fishing, a lodge for meetings and even a place to get married. Hallowed Lake needs the everyday persons help. We cannot do it without you!

4) Understand our Mission - We are here to raise money to provide a vacation place for Veterans and their families where they can hunt and fish in Kansas.  We are not: counseling, evaluating, a resource place to pay your bills, nor are we the veterans administration.

We are: a place that wants you to fish, hunt, enjoy family and friends; a place to rest, relax, think, talk with other veterans, make contacts, seek peace in your life, enjoy a day. 

"In short, at this time, as a disabled and hurting veteran myself, I just want to see my Brothers and Sisters who served have a place that they can enjoy and they are respected no matter where or when they served! I can't fix their lives or hearts, but I can show them what I have done!" (Scott)

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