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1% of United States are Veterans

Many people are surprised to find out only one percent of the United States have served in the military at any given time. When you see a veteran you are looking at an individual who gave their country a "blank check" and served, many through the unspeakable horrors of war and some of these veterans where drafted and made to serve.

Every veteran knows the hats which are in the picture, these hats represent the one percent of the one percent. As a former Drill Sargent/ Instructor, I can tell you it is not an easy part of the military.

So people need to know, why should Hallowed Lake be built?

Imagine going to another country and serving the people back home with everything you have. You spend months away from family and friends determined to bring yourself and those around you back home. Lets say everyone returns home and all should be excited to be home. Yet the individual still has many issues to work through. I myself could not believe how many trees were around and grass after returning from Iraq. Many more pressing issues arise; the everyday part of life kicks in on top of memories and how it had been handled over there! Think about returning home and needing some time off, everyone needs a vacation, right? Veterans are no different!

All people go through times in their lives when things change, we need time to think clearly, make good decisions based on the facts we know. Every person needs a place to think. I call this going to the mountain. You simply go out and set beside a tree or relax away from everything and think, you deal with your thoughts and then make plans and goals, this is Hallowed Lake.

We want to build a lake and provide cabins for Veterans to enjoy but also to have time to think. All people need this and I can tell you, you will not find time to accomplish this at any vacation resort in America. I went to Myrtle Beach after returning home which put me right into a large group of people and all I could think about was protecting my family.

Veterans have carried pain for years and Hallowed Lake will be that place for Veterans to relax. So we need to give Veterans, seasoned and fresh alike, a place to enjoy with the ability to spend time with those they choose to be around and will not cost them a great deal of money.

Hallowed Lake continues to challenge one million people to give $5. "Actions speak louder then words" we have all heard this our whole lives. Hallowed Lake is an action to show Veterans they are loved and respected by you! Will you please join with us to help Veterans celebrate life and enjoy the present?

You can donate straight off this website, by going to the main page and hitting the donate icon (button). You can also send a message directly to me (Scott) for an address or catch me around Marion, KS. I will gladly take the time to talk about Hallowed Lake.

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