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Fire Works And 4th Of July

Hallowed Lake would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July and safe celebrations.

Have you ever wondered why people shoot off fireworks on the 4th of July? Fire works were shot off on 8 July 1776 which may have been more of a sub to England than anything. 1777 the custom of having celebrations on the 4th was set into place and by shooting of fire works, you are saying we are happy and we are doing good. The celebration was a sign of wealth and happiness for the newly formed country, which continues today.

Many Veterans, like myself, love the 4th of July and enjoy knowing people are safe, happy, and wealthy enough to shoot them. However, you will not see me shooting them off, even though I am glad people can celebrate. My last seven 4thof Julys have been spent inside watching a baseball game with earplugs. I tend to jump when the fireworks pop and the night sky looks like many places after a bomb hit. The gun powder from shooting a lot of fire-crackers also makes many Veterans remember war, but most of us learn how to deal with it. I know many other Veterans who are grateful and excited for the celebrations and have learned to stay busy and out of site.

For myself, I say, shoot the fireworks and have fun. Be safe! I am proud to say, I helped you keep your freedom and I will continue to encourage you to celebrate that freedom.

Hallowed Lake is a non-profit organization raising money to buy land in Kansas and build a lake with cabins around it for Veterans to vacation and get away. We started in March of 2021 and currently seeking donations for land and monetary help. Check us out at and if you can give, hit the donate button on the main page. Every Dollar Helps! God Bless!


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