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Happy Easter From Hallowed Lake

Hallowed Lake wishes every veteran, family member and active soldier a safe and happy Easter. Having missed many holidays myself for our country, please remember many people in the United States are right behind you. Remember why you serve and the importance of your time today.

We continue to pray for military veterans and soldiers as well as the families who are waiting at home.

We at Hallowed Lake look forward to the day when we can buy land and build a lake for you to relax at, even if for a short stay you will be respected and honored. Please join with us today and give a short time in prayer to remember those who have served and are serving now.

We continue to take donations for the mission ahead. Thank you for your consideration as you look for a good cause to help support. You can donate to Hallowed Lake through or by check. Please send to Hallowed Lake, 720 Hudson St, Marion KS 66861.

Thank You again and Happy Easter


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