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Have You Ever Known?

Have you ever come to point in your life where you know what is going to happen and you want to be a part of it? Think about it, has there ever been a time in your life when you have a clear path and there is nothing which will move you from the adventure in front of you?

After High School in Valley Center, Kansas, I knew I was going in the Army, but I did not know what it would bring. After three years in Germany I wanted out, nothing could stop me, but I still had no idea what I was going to do. I soon found myself working at LearJet in Wichita, but still thought there should be more. Leaving this job and moving for college I started a career path which I was sure was my walk through life. This lasted through school and a few more years. As a church planter/pastor, I soon realized it was not for me, so I went back in the Army.

What I did not understand at the age of 36 is that everything I had been through and every teaching I had received was building me for something else. I served in the Army as an Enlisted soldier, but had the degrees to be an Officer and more. Being sent to many schools in the Army was not my plan, but I went, I trained and hurt and cried.

What I do understand now is my training was for more than me. While doing all the above I was also learning to lead and build teams. I gained wisdom from service as a recreation director at Falls Creek, Oklahoma. Gained more wisdom from Mendoza School of Business at Notre Dame to reach into not-for-profit learning even more.

Why am I telling you all of this, if any of you read this far, because you need to know who is asking you for help. After getting out of the Army the second time, I went to work as a night supervisor at what is now Norcraft in Newton, KS where I learned a great deal about civilian thought and leadership, as far as business goes. While working nights I spent my off time going to Grand Canyon University, on line, for a history masters. All of this training and schooling has brought me to this time and vision.

It is time for Hallowed Lake to be given to Veteran's. I have a large vision and a plan to build a lake, with cabins to facilitate any veteran in or out of a wheel chair. The USO provides places for Veteran's to rent and stay for vacations at the ocean or in the mountains, but you still have to get there! Why not provide a place in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas which will be away from stress, hate, and the government? Kansas is one of the greatest states in the United States, yet we provide very little for Veterans. As a matter of fact, its down-right embarrassing how Kansas treats veterans. We can give millions of your tax payer dollars to other countries and people will give millions to people who sit in a chair as elected leaders, but try to do something for the men and woman who walk the desert or climb the mountain's in service to their country! Makes me want to puke! It's time the people of Kansas I know, the ones I grew up with, the heart beat of the nation steps-up and shows Veterans they care! So again, I ask, Have you ever known? I have been given a vison and I will see it through, you are being asked to help!

The time has come, you are point-blank being asked to reach into you pocket and give to Hallowed Lake, yes that includes you with beer, watching the Royals game! I am asking you to understand, $5 from one million people is nothing!!! You can give through the website; if you see me, say: "Hey, jerk, this is for that thingy your doing?" or send a check to Hallowed Lake, 720 Hudson St, Marion, KS, 66861. I am not asking you to sign a blank check like our soldiers do for the country, just $5.

If you read this far, please go to and let me know, sign up for the monthly Newsletter, you are exactly who I am looking for. Man can do great things through time, but only God brings the miracle to life! I know how this story will end, will you join me in helping Veterans?


Please comment, let me know what's on your heart, what you are thinking, believe me, I can take it! Share all you can, hit like, but most of all PRAY for Hallowed Lake!

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