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Hit The Ground Running

While in the Army, I learned several important life lessons which I would like to pass on to you. At the same time as you read, it is my goal to get my vision across to you. Hallowed Lake is a vision, but with great Americans, who love those who served, the whole vision will become a real place.

As an Airborne soldier it is important to hit the ground in the right way. Think of jumping off a two story building and hitting the ground. You better tuck and roll! Hallowed Lake will hit the ground and we will have our feet together ready to roll. Our walk, run and ride program is there allowing every person the opportunity to help us. Every American can help. If your are to lazy to help in this way, you can donate. If you have no money, you can give ideas. If you have no ideas, you can talk. Don't tell me you can't talk! Share us on your favorite social media outlet.

Long Range Survelliance taught me to be stedfast and stay the corse. Victory will come, it only takes perseverance and resiliance. Hallowed Lake will become a place for veterans to hunt and fish while spending time with their families. It will be a place for vacations or a place where veterans can get new perspsctives and heal. Hallowed Lake will provide a family with much needed rest.

Finally, being a Drill Sergent, I learned each person is important and all must learn how to conduct themselves in uniform. Hallowed Lake will be a place of care and respect. It will have the greatest veterans in the world visiting, the American Veteran is second to none.

Hallowed Lake needs your help, we have a gigantic goal. We must raise money to purchase land. I want this land to be in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Land in the historic flint hills is not cheap. Please help us find the land and the way to purchase 640 acres or more at a fair price.

Thank you to all veterans, our mission is not over, join us, so we have a place to relax!

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