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Hurry Up And Wait

Anyone who has ever heard a story from a Veteran has heard and truly lived by the saying, "Hurry-up and Wait". My military carreer was no differant and I have found even in civilian life we must wait many times. It may be at a stop light after a meal and you know if you do not make it home soon there will be new clothes needed and the car cleaned. It my be waiting on someone to get ready and you fall asleep on the couch. It can be as simply as waiting to go to work.

Hallowed Lake is still waiting on the government to look at our application for tax exempt status. We can still raise money, but we want to provide indivduals with the chance to recieve a tax break if wanted on a donation. I do think we should know in the next few weeks, but for now we continue to stand down and wait to kick everything off. Any donations which would come in now would still fall under the tax adavantage however.

So we wait a little long. Once we kick off the wall and our rope is tight we will be placing videos, chats, and many other items on social networks to get the word out and seek like-minded individuals.

Thank you for being patient with us as we are being patient with the IRS.


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