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In The Trees or Planning To

While in the United States military there are several things which have always been and will always be a large of the lifestyle:

1) There is always time to think, some may question this, but it is true. Military veterans know you will always have time to wait. Waiting in lines to do something is a constant aggravation in the service of our country. Wait to train, wait to see an individual, wait to get yelled at, wait to go home, wait to be promoted, and wait and wait and wait.

I found in the military during some waiting periods I could play a whole nine inning game of baseball in my head and still be waiting. Military Veterans are professional waiters.

2) Comradery is a large part of the service for Veterans. You begin to rely on certain groups of people to lift you up or to keep you going. They become family and people you can trust. You know no matter the circumstances these people have your back and you have theirs. It is no secret military veterans continue to look for this comradery through their lives and many struggle to find it.

3) Training is so important for military, hour after hour after hour of planning goes into it. Many young soldiers go into the military with thought of running from tree to tree shooting and practicing their ability to fight. The real side of the military is it takes a great deal of planning before you train. Today the military has so many online training classes to meet the DOD requirements. Completing these are a must and leave little time to train for war, yet training is what must happen and what most soldiers love. There is nothing like it, get the whole squad or platoon in the trees and assault a group of rocks for fun. You will really see grown men and women act like kids. I had the greatest time as a platoon sergeant in the trees with my soldiers training to do random acts of violence in other lands to protect Americans.

Many more words could be added to this short list which many veterans could write books about. Hallowed Lake will encourage and help veterans remember and think about some funny memories through their training and waiting times. Hallowed Lake will help veterans feel the comradery they miss so much. Please help Hallowed Lake become a place for all Veterans to enjoy! We are currently raising money to buy land and build a lake. You can help, but will you choose to be a "planning too" American or a "get in the trees and train" American? Come along, we will have a great time together.


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