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No Turning Back, Now!

As a airborne soldier you learn very fast, when you exit the aircraft, there is no going back. You cannot say, "whoops, I think I will just fly back over there and strap my butt back in that seat." There is no where to go but down. That sounds bad to many, but for the airborne soldier the mission is on the ground, the fight is below you. You can only go down to join the fight.

Hallowed Lake is in the fight now. We are slowly moving toward our goals and people have the chance to get to know us. We are looking forward to the months ahead and will complete this mission. We will see money raised, land bought, cabins built and United States Veteran's as well as active duty enjoying the whole area. It will happen!

One of the biggest lessons I (Scott) have learned from being in the military and fighting a war is, the past is behind me. It is this very fact that helped me heal from many scars inside and some out. Every time my brain wants to remind me of my past, I don't push it out or hide it in a box tucked away in the back part of my brain, I acknowledge it: then I focus on the day before me. I cannot change my past, but I can focus on my today. We as people always allow the past to control us, however you cannot climb back in the plane once you jump. It is over, done, now you must focus on the landing.

A large mission for Hallowed Lake now and in the future is to get Veteran's to understand they are special, important and needed in the United States. Many know there are 22 veteran suicides' a day - A Day- which is unacceptable. This must change, there is no reason for a soldier to fight a war and then come home and kill themselves. We must learn that the past does not control who we are today, unless we quit the fight! If you need help, there is help: you can contact the suicide prevention national hotline 800-273-8255.

We at Hallowed Lake are asking for people to help, Veteran's , Civilians and active duty. We cannot build Hallowed Lake without you. Money is important, but not the most important. Pray for us, pray for land, money, volunteers, cabins, and blessings. We do not want a few people doing everything, we want millions helping those who live around them. Remember, you cannot climb back in the plane, let the past go. Learn from it, but today, today is the day you can do something great!


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