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"One minute!" "Thirty Seconds!""Go,Go,Go!"

As every Airborne soldier knows as they stand with the "yellow cobra of death" in their hand and being hooked up, you are going out that door. The static line is so important while jumping it is your life-line for the chute to open. Hallowed Lake is going to be that life-line for many veteran's. I wish I had had a place to get away for a week after coming back from war. Needing time to think and enjoy your family is a major part of healing and bonding again. It is so important, I am asking you to help be our life-line at Hallowed Lake. Be apart of helping Veteran's who have not healed or are still coming home.

What is needed? Well it is simple right now, since we have received our tax exempt status. We need funds! We need land! We need people who want to be apart of loving on those who forgot what it was like to feel love! The time for saying "Thank you for Your Service" (I will write another time on this.) is over, it is time to show our Veteran's we love them for who they are and respect them for the carrier they have chosen. Action is what military individuals respond to and words are just words unless there is true communication in those words.

There is no question in my mind that Hallowed Lake will become a place where veteran's can enjoy their families and friends. There was never a question that the static line would pull the chute out when I jumped. The question is: who will jump with me to reach the 1% of United States who have served our Country? Who will help? Who will give? Who will pray? Who will step out and be my static line?


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