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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The Official Newsletter for Hallowed Lake

Visit us at to read about our vision and how you can help.

Hallowed LAKE FROM Scott

All over the world people are shutting themselves off from society for different reasons. I shut myself off from the world after I left the Army because I was angry at everything: God, America, Family and myself. I spent days doing nothing, sitting in my only chair without a thought in my head. There was no reason to move, nothing I did brought me joy. After a few years of just going through days of existence I decided I was not going to be that Veteran. I did not want to be that guy who never made a difference with the people around me. So I picked myself up and forced myself to become part of society again. There are some key factors which I believe every Veteran needs in their life to live so they can sleep at night.

First, I have always had a healthy belief in God and began praying and reading my Bible again. I asked God for forgiveness and to restore my relationship with Him. Having a quiet time every morning is a must.

Second, I began to place people around me who I could trust. These are people who may not understand me all the time, but they are willing to stand beside me. Likewise I force away those people who are toxic and only seek bad things.

Third, I started doing something nice every week to bless someone else without them asking. For instance, I mowed my neighbor’s yard for her and every once in a while she will bake me cookies. I still mow it for free now.

Forth, I stopped watching the news and basically TV, and really only watch things I like on YouTube. I am slowly cutting out negativity in my life.

There are other life patterns I am changing and will go into some another time, but for me, these are the basics. I have realized I am going to fail, I will let myself down and other people, however, I am fully aware that I am the one who has to make those failures right with God and the people. I am telling you this because someone needs to hear it and this is what Hallowed Lake will stand upon. We will have strong foundations to build upon so Veterans can have a place to rest and “find themselves” again. We may never be the person we was before war, but we can be a stronger, better person then what our past would have us believe. Scott

Hallowed Lake at Strong City for th

e Motorcycle Mayhem We had a great time in Strong City and met some people who I think will become good friends of Hallowed Lake. Thank You to ABATE of Kansas for putting this event on!

You can check ABATE of Kansas out at

We also met some great vendor’s who serve the Motorcycle community and want to give them a shout out:

Cookie’s Leather and Apparel- Emporia KS

Pinkie’s Sewing – Wichita KS

Hallowed Lake would like to thank Tina Steele for donating Casket Corners to go with the wood working.

As of 2019 there were 12,987 living veterans who served all through WWII, Korean and Vietnam War living.

Individuals who would like to donate to Hallowed Lake may do so through the website, or send a check to Hallowed Lake by mail to:

Hallowed Lake

720 Hudson St

Marion, KS 66861


100% of money will go to Hallowed Lake.



Stage III

- Raise $1,200,000 to buy land in Kansas.

- Have 100 people sharing posts on Facebook.

Total Goal to Raise


This goal takes into consideration land, cabins, machinery, fencing, water wells, lodge, chapel, RV hookups, solar power, hiking trail, boat docks, lake, and a house. Based upon inflation in Nov 20. Does not include inflation now!

Since March 2021


This is the total donated to Hallowed Lake: gifts and money.

Hallowed Lake Upcoming Events 4 Sept 21: Florence, KS Car Show 21-25 Oct 21: Vietnam Moving Wall, Valley Center We will continue to meet and reach out to groups, individuals and families for those who would like to help.

Working together it will be exciting to meet goals and move towards a great place for veterans and their families to vacation and relax. Please help us out! All of us will accomplish this goal together!

This is our shirt logo if you would like a shirt send an email or call Scott. Short sleeve are $25 and Long Sleeve are $30. Helps pay for postage.

There are several different ways to reach Hallowed Lake.


website: hit the comment

snail mail: 720 Hudson St

Marion, Ks 66861

Reveille is the official Newsletter for Hallowed Lake July 2021

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