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The Official Newsletter for Hallowed Lake, learn more about us at

Visit us at to read about our vision and how you can help.

Hallowed LAKE FROM Scott

Thoughts From Scott.

Many of you who read this are old enough to remember the "Twilight Zone". It was an old show which crossed into weird and sometimes unbelievable events. I still remember the gremlin on the wing of the plane while John Vought freaked out . As a matter of fact every time I flew in the military, I gave the wings a quick check to make sure we didn't have any problem's. If you will allow me to take you to the fifth dimension, almost:"The Twilight Zone". Let me tell you a fishing story which is two weeks old.

The cottonwood river which starts in the flat land and runs though the Flint Hills was lower then normal yet the five individuals stomped through the itch-weed to get to the john-boat which was tied up on a tree. Jase the first young boy was jabbering about the profit of having good live bait verses the lack of movement from the dead bait. Noah, not the Ark builder, kept silent because the weeds were all around him and it was real, not like the video games he was used to playing. Momma was walking behind trying to keep the ducks in a row behind the veteran Army Ranger and then there was Kole. He was still complaining about not catching any fish and was upset that they were not on the boat. His sniffles reached the ears of the old vet like a laughter which said: I will not enjoy one second of this, no matter what you do. The vet smiled as he broke through the Kansas itch-weed giving a small trail for the little guys to follow.

The ol vet flowed down a small hill and up the side, then by a tree and down another hill. Jase, still with lips moving and some kind of a story being told, followed the vet yet right as the vet started up the second small hill, Jase, the voice of reason, the little fighter, the spinner of stories at his ripe age of 8, slid down the small hill and fell upon his bubble buttocks. The vet turned to look, momma laughed, Kole went whoa, and Noah, not the Ark builder, stopped walking. Jase, immediately began a story of why he slipped and the probability of the slop having mud on it.

All five reached the small watercraft as the vet pushed it into the river. He gave the direction of march and explained how to enter the floating vessel. Momma went first and did great. Kole second and stepped on every seat with muddy feet. The vet was third and sat in the middle of the boat to row and teach as they proceeded. The final two to get in was Jase who explained the importance of fishing around bubbles because the fish were breathing and Noah, not the Ark builder, which had to hold the rope by himself and still get in the boat at the end. The old Vet smiled! Mud was flying and feet slipping yet the young one held on. He soon made it in the boat and all five of them were off like a plane trying to land with a crosswind. "Butt's in the middle", said the vet as he rowed down the river.

The boat slid through the water like butter on bread. The rhythm moving slowly upstream to the lines the vet had set earlier in the day. He explained that they would go to the very last limb line and check and bait it, then head back through the rest. Jase was explaining how the bubbles where fish and lines should have been there; Noah, not the Ark builder, said nothing with his hands on both sides of the boat, holding on with the Vulcan death grip; and Kole, O that Kole. This young troubadour was telling momma how he didn't like this. Jase joined in and said the boat would tip over and Noah held on for dear life. Fear began to take over the boat, yet the vet held strong.

The vet smiled as he rowed up the lazy Cottonwood River and knew it doesn't matter what everyone else in the boat thinks, it is what he believes and knows as truth. (Like our world today.) His team was fresh and new to the environment, yet he knew it would be okay. The vet lead them through the winding river, he knew where to go. No one, not one person in that boat could make him sway from his goal. No one will lead him astray because he has seen the works of the river and the pulling of the water. They shall not move me, the vet thought as he rowed upstream, he holding the flame for the crew.

Finally, reaching the last limb line and hearing about the possibility of catching turtle's from Jase, the team reached the limb. Momma, who listens very well took direction from the Ol Vet pulled up the first line. No Fish! The vet maneuvered around and took the line to bait it, Jase gave an explanation of why no fish had been caught, Noah, not the Ark builder, held on for dear life and Kole was mad he didn't get to touch the bullhead that was put on the line. The vet smiled.

The next line was empty as well but this time Kole got to touch the bait and was pleased with himself. A little more rowing from the vet and the third line was reached. The Ol Vet reached for the line and said, "we got one". Jase, was quiet and the Angles in heaven praised God; Noah, not the Ark builder, hung on for dear life and Kole, dear little Kole, was mad because he didn't catch it. The Vet pulled up on the line and swung the net under the three pound catfish. Noah hung on and Jase began a lecture on the possible mistakes which could be made because of the bubbles. The vet brought the small catfish in the boat; so the Twilight Zone begins, as the catfish landed at the feet of Kole, this young man did not scream once, nor, I say twice, he let out five screams, much like John Vought on the Twilight Zone. Noah, not the Ark builder, held on breathing even harder, Jase was sounding off with: "let me see, let me see"; momma was holding Kole as he screamed, the Vet smiled.

The rest of the trip on the river was uneventful except for Kole being upset he couldn't row and Jase explaining how we should have put the bait by the bubbles. Noah, not the Ark builder, well, he held on. Feet straight out pushing towards the middle of the boat to keep the balance, Jase talking and not realizing he was on the side of the boat, Kole touching everything and wanting every spider killed before the vet could row again.

The boys departed the boat with feet slipping and sliding in the mud, but each completed the trip and now have their own story to tell. I am sure the fish which was caught will grow through the years as the story is told. I also believe the small boat trip with the Ol Vet will be one of those memories which will pop up at times for them to smile as they grow.

This is what Hallowed Lake is about. Spending time doing something with others at a place where you can make some great memories and have a story to remember. Hallowed Lake needs your help to make this happen. It is every person, not just one person who will help see Hallowed Lake built. It takes everyone in the boat going in a direction, will you jump in the boat with the old Veteran and glide down this river?



Hallowed Lake would like to welcome Jenile Taylor and Melissa Delcastillo to the Hallowed Lake Board. Both have been at almost all of our events and have given great ideas.

Want to be on the Board for Hallowed Lake? Any common sense individual would say contact Scott, yet Scott would say: "Prove It!" 620-381-3231 or

Other Board Memebers: Larry Altis, Lora Robinson

e Motorcycle Mayhem We will be in Florence, Kansas for a car show September 4, 2021. We would love to see you there.

Pinkie’s Sewing from Wichita Kansas is working on hats for us. She is doing an amazing job and I look forward to wearing one next month. Picture to come, prepare yourselves. (The first person to respond who is reading this gets a New Hallowed Lake hat for FREEEEEE.) Send an email to and say: "I read your newsletter, give me my hat!" And please give an address. Good Luck!

Posted at

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, 24/7 Wall St. identified the states with the most veterans. Nationwide, veterans account for 6.9% of the adult population, and depending on the state, veterans make up anywhere from less than 5% of the adult population o over 10%.

About 30% of veterans nationwide have a disability, and about 41% of Americans who have severed since Sept 11, 2001 have a disability connected with their service. These typically include missing limbs, burns, spinal cord injuries, post traumatic stress disorder, hearing loss, and traumatic brain injuries.

Where does Kansas Fall?

30. out of 50 Kansas
Veteran Population: 7.5% of adults (165,033 total)
Post Sept 11, 2001 era veterans: 20.9% 25th lowest (34,520 total)
Gulf War era veterans, 1990-2001: 20.2% 21st lowest (33,274 total)
Vietnam War veterans: 37.2% 14th highest (61,445 total)
Korean War veterans: 8.1% 8th highest (13,342 total)
WWII veterans: 2.3% 20th highest (3,821 total)
Veteran Population with a disability: 32.5% 15th Highest


(Want to see another state, click on the link above.)

Visit us at to read about our vision and how you can help.

Hallowed LAKE FROM Scott

Individuals who would like to donate to Hallowed Lake may do so through the website, or send a check to Hallowed Lake by mail to:

Hallowed Lake

720 Hudson St

Marion, KS 66861


100% of money will go to Hallowed Lake.



Stage III

- Raise $1,200,000 to buy land in Kansas.

- Have 100 people sharing posts on Facebook.

Total Goal to Raise


This goal takes into consideration land, cabins, machinery, fencing, water wells, lodge, chapel, RV hookups, solar power, hiking trail, boat docks, lake, and a house. Based upon inflation in Nov 20. Does not include inflation now!

Since March 2021

$5,300 This is the total donated to Hallowed Lake: gifts and money.

Hallowed Lake Upcoming Events 4 Sept 21: Florence, KS Car Show 21-25 Oct 21: Vietnam Moving Wall, Valley Center We will continue to meet and reach out to groups, individuals and families for those who would like to help.

Scott is mowing lawns for Hallowed Lake, total lawn care, all proceeds go to Hallowed Lake. Money so far $325.00

This is our shirt logo if you would like a shirt send an email or call Scott. Short sleeve are $25 and Long Sleeve are $30. Helps pay for postage.

There are several different ways to reach Hallowed Lake.


website: hit the comment

snail mail: 720 Hudson St

Marion, Ks 66861

Reveille is the official Newsletter for Hallowed Lake August 2021

We must continue to working together and all of us can meet the goals and move towards a great place for veterans and their families to vacation and relax. Please help us out! All of us will accomplish this goal together!

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