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The Official Newsletter for Hallowed Lake, learn more about us at

Visit us at to read about our vision and how you can help.

Hallowed Lake From Scott

Thoughts from Scott.

Those who may have been following Hallowed Lake for some time may read this as a rewrite, however it is important to me to get the vision across to people. One of the major ideas of Hallowed Lake which I feel sets it apart from anything else is the size of the lake and the availability of peace and quiet. Many people when they hear the word lake assume a pond or a small watershed, this is the wrong view of lake in my opinion.

My goal is to build a lake, one which will be 80 to 100 acers and close to 40 feet deep. Why does it need to be this big? Think of the times you have went on a vacation. You probably had hundreds of people around you all the time which places stress on you to be nice to others, who wants that? Really, who wants to wait in a line to see something, pay for the event and have to deal with people at the same time, not a vacation to me.

Many Veterans struggle in large groups of people and just avoid the whole situation. I continue to avoid large groups of people even after seven years of civilian life. Hallowed Lake wants to provide a place where families can fish, swim and be together. A place where a Veteran and family can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. This is why I want to build a lake, a large body of water for families to be themselves and relax for a time.

Ten cabins plus a lodge would fit around an 80 acre lake with a great deal of room in-between. The idea of taking a vacation has always meant rest and relaxing. How many times have you taken a vacation and had to go back to work to rest?

Hallowed Lake will also have many other things to do besides fish and swim yet the greatest item Hallowed Lake can provide is a time of refreshing with a family or alone. I know for myself, one of the greatest helps I have had since war is my time with family and or by myself. These times have forced me to enjoy the small things in life. To enjoy the people God has placed around me and to deal with myself.

Dealing with one’s self is not the most pleasant thing in the world, however it is one of the most needed disciplines in today’s time. One of the hardest things I have had to deal with from war is the hardship I go through to just look in the mirror every morning. This may seem small to many people however, looking in the mirror makes you take a chance you may see the person you were overseas. War brings life to the man you fight to destroy through your whole life. The mirror can be seen as a reminder of who you truly are. The mirror can also be a welcoming, look how far you have come!

My goal and my heart is to give Veterans a time of peace and enjoyment. Something to look back on and see the good things in life. A place where steps can be taken for today and leave the war in the past.

We have a big goal, all of us, including you the reader. Our Veterans need a place to heal. We will not be a counseling center, nor will be an organization to give the Veteran handouts, but we will be a place that provides an opportunity for your Veteran to look in a mirror and stand tall!

Scott Did you know that since the American troops were pulled from Afghanistan, active duty suicides in the military have gone up 40%? Was this a success? Research and learn the truth!


Hallowed Lake would like to welcome Mike and Amy Smith to the Hallowed Lake Board. They are somewhat new to area yet they have a true love for Veterans and great energy.

Other Board Member’s: Larry Altis, Melissa Del Castillo, Lora Robinson and Jenile Taylor

We will be in Valley Center, Kansas for the Vietnam Moving Wall, October 22 and 23, 2021. We would love to see you there.

The winner of the Hallowed Lake Hat give away will be announced as soon as we get the hats. Hopefully this month.

We had a great time in Florence, KS at the car show September 4th. Although it started slow because of rain, Hallowed Lake was able to meet a great group of people. Thank You to Florence and all the people who stopped by, I enjoyed meeting all of you!

Scott would also like to say Thank you to his family in Georgia and Tennessee for all their love and care while he took a trip with his Mom and Dad in September. Your desire to see Hallowed Lake come to life blew me away, Thank You!

Visit us at to read about our vision and how you can help.

Individuals who would like to donate to Hallowed Lake may do so through the website, or send a check to Hallowed Lake by mail to:

Hallowed Lake

720 Hudson St

Marion, KS 66861


100% of money will go to Hallowed Lake.



Stage III

- Raise $1,200,000 to buy land in Kansas.

- Have 100 people sharing posts on Facebook.

Total Goal to Raise


This goal takes into consideration land, cabins, machinery, fencing, water wells, lodge, chapel, RV hookups, solar power, hiking trail, boat docks, lake, and a house. Based upon inflation in Nov 20. Does not include inflation now!

Since March 2021

$5,700 this is the total donated to Hallowed Lake: gifts and money.

Hallowed Lake Upcoming Events

21-25 Oct 21: Vietnam Moving Wall, Valley Center

Christmas Special Event

We will continue to meet and reach out to groups, individuals and families for those who would like to help.

Scott is mowing lawns for Hallowed Lake, total lawn care, all proceeds go to Hallowed Lake. Money so far $440.00

This is our shirt logo if you would like a shirt send an email or call Scott. Short sleeve are $25 and Long Sleeve are $30. Helps pay for postage.

There are several different ways to reach Hallowed Lake.


website: hit the comment

snail mail: 720 Hudson St

Marion, Ks 66861

We must continue to working together and all of us can meet the goals and move towards a great place for veterans and their families to vacation and relax. Please help us out! All of us will accomplish this goal together! Catch The VISION!

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