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The Official Newsletter for Hallowed Lake, learn more about us at

Visit us at to read about our vision and how you can help.


With the holiday season coming I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone. I am excited for the time when Hallowed Lake gets the backing that it needs to have many great holidays around the lake and cabins. The vision itself is massive and yet very simple; provide Veterans and their families a place to relax in a peaceful place. It is complex in a sense because of the amount of money which must be raised, getting the land and building the dream; however it is simple for every person I speak with to understand the necessity of Hallowed Lake.

I would like to take you through the vision again and again, however I want to lay my heart out for each person who reads this and help you understand this is not about me. I am a Christian and have been since I was 13 years old. My belief in God has always been a staple in my life, however I have seen my rough times, like everyone else. I have walked away from God and returned only to walk away and return. While in Iraq many things happened which caused me to understand Jesus in a whole new way. He died on that cross many years ago to fulfill God the Fathers will. He died and rose again to defeat death and become our Savior and our Lord. Prayer and Bible study is an everyday necessity for me and a desire which is needed.

Hallowed Lake is a needed place and is being prayed for daily by myself and many others. The whole point is to allow Veterans who have seen so much and done more then most to relax a bit. This can only happen if the foundation is built upon Jesus Christ. This is a large part of my vision and will be what Hallowed Lake is built upon. To me, if Jesus is not the vision giver and the provider of money, land, materials, and people then this is destined to fail. My faith is in God to provide the land and money.

I am not pushy with my faith, I am not one who will not help people because they do not believe the same as I do, I am also not one who will look down on someone who doesn't agree with me. I am one who will celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ and will always be glad to share how Jesus Christ has saved me and how He works in my life.

Hallowed Lake will have this foundation and will be built. It is my heartfelt belief God has given me a lifelong task to help Veterans relax and see Truth. I would ask all who read to remember Jesus Christ through the holidays and enjoy your families. Love them and hold them close as we all look for ways to help others. With that in mind if you would like to help me with Hallowed Lake, please stay in the loop. Let me know how you would like to help. If you will pray, then please do that. If you have special skills you would bless Hallowed Lake with when its built, please let me know. If you can give money, please give as God directs you. I want to build a contact list of people who will commit to help with Hallowed Lake. Please share with me what is on your heart. You can send a message on the website, through the contact button. You can shoot me an email at, or contact me on Facebook. This is our vision, our hope and our place for Veterans and their Families.

Thank You


Scott's interview on KVOE in Emporia Kansas Click on the link and look for "What’s In Outdoors with Phil Taunton" Hit the play button below.

Vietnam Moving Wall

Hallowed Lake was in Valley Center Kansas at the Vietnam Moving Wall October 22 and 23; we had a great time and enjoyed meeting many new people. The wall itself is a very humbling experience which makes an individual understand how the Vietnam War impacted so many lives. Thank You to all the Soldiers who served our country during this time in our history!

One big way to help is to follow Scott Pracht and/or Hallowed Lake on Facebook and like and share the posts as I put them on!


27 November 21 Hallowed Lake and Marion County Hardware (ACE) will be having Santa and Toy Boy at the ACE in Marion, bring your kids and phones to have a picture taken with Santa and Toy Boy. Noon to 4pm

27 November 21 Hallowed Lake in Holly Jolly Christmas Parade in Marion Kansas. 6pm

Board Member’s: Larry Altis, Melissa Del Castillo, Lora Robinson Mike Smith, Amy Smith and Jenile Taylor

Individuals who would like to donate to Hallowed Lake may do so through the website, or send a check to Hallowed Lake by mail to:

Hallowed Lake

720 Hudson St

Marion, KS 66861


100% of money will go to Hallowed Lake.


Stage III

- Raise $1,200,000 to buy land in Kansas.

- Have 100 people sharing posts on Facebook.

Total Goal to Raise


This goal takes into consideration land, cabins, machinery, fencing, water wells, lodge, chapel, RV hookups, solar power, hiking trail, boat docks, lake, and a house. Based upon inflation in Nov 20. Does not include inflation now!

Since March 2021

$5,700 this is the total donated to Hallowed Lake: gifts and money.

$0 this is the amount spent of money taken in.

There are several different ways to reach Hallowed Lake.


website: hit the comment

snail mail: 720 Hudson St

Marion, Ks 66861

Hallowed Lake is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)

Reveille is our official newsletter we send by email every month. Nov 21

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