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Hallowed Lake

720 Hudson St. Marion, KS 66861



When I was a young boy I was taken fishing by my dad a lot. He loves to catch the cats and has taught me a great deal about fishing. We would fish around Marion, KS and enjoy the time with my Grandpa and Grannie who lived on 1st street in Marion. The memories of spending all day catching bait at small creeks and ponds, then setting lines on the Cottonwood River at night for the weekend has always been something which pushed me through some rough times in my life.

One of my greatest memories is rowing the boat around bends and pulling in-between tree limbs so Dad could grab frogs. We had lines set at the same time and Dad decided to spend more time on the river and get the bullfrogs. We baited the lines and waited for dark, then I started the marathon rowing night. One of the things which Dad like to do was leave a lure out of the back of the boat as I rowed. This night he was casting and grabbed my hat with lure. My hat flew off into the water. My Dad quickly said, "that lure is a little big to catch anything here!" He reeled my hat back in and we were off again. That same night I swallowed a bug which got stuck in my throat and I threw up off the side of the Jon Boat. Dad was quick again and said: "you should have saved that for later, we could have chummed with it!"

My memories of fishing were not easy times, walking though itch weed, being stuck in mud over my knees, wet, cold, hot, and yet always exciting and fun. I have spent many times fishing where I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, snot came out my nose, and listening the farts on an aluminum boat seat echo down the river. Some of the best times of my life were spent on the river and at ponds.

One of the toughest times in a soldiers life is getting on the bus to go to the airport for a flight to war. It is hard to see your family standing outside the bus, waving at you as the bus takes off. I went through this, I thought of all the good times fishing in Kansas. I spent many days overseas and many of those days were spent day dreaming about catching fish or being lost in memories of fishing.

This is the vision of Hallowed Lake, give families memories which will help them through rough times. It is also the goal of Hallowed Lake to let Veteran's and families have a peaceful place to relax and enjoy nature for a time. We all have memories, lets work together and help all of our Veteran's remember the good ones and put the others away. Hallowed Lake needs your help. We have now been around for 8 months and the word is getting out. We are slowly raising money and meeting new people. Please help us out, share this on Facebook, pray, give money, talk about us, but most of all Catch The Vision!



I would like to thank everyone for making our day at ACE and in the Holly Jolly parade in Marion a fun time. ToyBoy says "Hi" and he hopes he can make it back next year. Special thanks to Chelsi and Alyera Koehn for their work as ToyBoy and Nathan Hoffman as Santa. They did a great job and played their parts very well.

Here are some of the letters to Santa we have received so far:

Letters can still be dropped off at Marion ACE Hardware until Dec 24, 2021.

One big way to help is to follow Scott Pracht and/or Hallowed Lake on Facebook and like and share the posts as I put them on!

Board Member’s: Larry Altis, Melissa Del Castillo, Lora Robinson Mike Smith, Amy Smith and Jenile Taylor

You may have heard Scott talking about land around Eureka, KS for Hallowed Lake, this land is 1336 acres for $2.4 million. It is a goal to raise this money for the land and purchase it. The land would provide areas for a large lake, cabins and hunting for Veteran's and family members. Together we can do this! Catch The Vision.

Individuals who would like to donate to Hallowed Lake may do so through the website, or send a check to Hallowed Lake by mail to:

Hallowed Lake

720 Hudson St

Marion, KS 66861


100% of money will go to Hallowed Lake.


Stage III

- Raise $2,400,000 to buy land in Kansas.

- Have 100 people sharing posts on Facebook.

Total Goal to Raise


This goal takes into consideration land, cabins, machinery, fencing, water wells, lodge, chapel, RV hookups, solar power, hiking trail, boat docks, lake, and a house. Based upon inflation in Nov 20. Does not include inflation now!

Since March 2021

$5,900 this is the total donated to Hallowed Lake: gifts and money.

$0 this is the amount spent of money taken in.

There are several different ways to reach Hallowed Lake.


website: hit the comment

snail mail: 720 Hudson St

Marion, Ks 66861

Scott's interview on KVOE in Emporia Kansas Click on the link and look for "What’s In Outdoors with Phil Taunton" Hit the play button below. Hallowed Lake is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)

Reveille is our official newsletter we send by email every month. Nov 21

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