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The Official Hallowed Lake Newsletter

720 Hudson St

Marion, KS 66861

620 381-3231

I wanted to take some time and explain what has been going on with Hallowed Lake for the last few months. Yes, we are still around and still striving to raise money for land. Right now we are making plans to have a booth at events like last year where many of you probably met us. Our first event of the year will be at the Newton Car Show 7 May 2022. We will mostly be there to bring awareness to a big event we will be doing in December 2022.

First I would like for you to know why I took January and February off. I didn't send any Hallowed Lake information out because I was getting back to basics. I took the two months and prayed. I asked God to provide me with wisdom and knowledge of how to help Veterans as we progress through the fund raising stage. I also would like for each of you to know, I have placed this all in God's hands and He will take care of it. It will be God who builds the lake and raises the money, not Scott - I am just going along for the ride, and look forward to the journey.

Second, I would like to invite you on a journey with me this year. If you have looked at the website lately you have hopefully noticed a new tab, W.A.R. This is our year long event which has already started in some ways, but has not really hit the news or Facebook yet, from Hallowed Lake.

W.A.R stands for Watch Us, Bring Awareness, Rise Up. It is my commitment to take the news of Hallowed Lake to Kansas. We have also decided to help out families with Type 1 diabetic children, sounds like a great match doesn't it? Think about this, every veteran has a war they fight inside their head and many physically also. We have been through a war and many times it haunts us. We have to wake up daily and tell ourselves it's going to be okay and today is a good day. Many of us deal with PTSD and have to reset our values often. It is our war, we fight and we will win.

Type 1 diabetics are little fighters, who are fighting a war with their bodies. At young ages these children find out that they must watch what they eat and they have to get shots to keep their bodies acting right. They fight for their lives. It has come to my attention that Type 1 Families do not get the help they need a great deal of the time. The costs alone for everything needed for their child can break the bank. Insurance doesn't cover everything. The parents work hard to make the family enjoy a normal life, yet they must always stay on top of the enemy. These children need to get their voices out. They need to be heard.

So here comes my solution to the cry of Veteran's and Type 1 Families: W.A.R.

This year I (Scott) have committed to run up Kansas, yes I said run up Kansas. I will be training all year putting out information under the name of Hallowed Lake about this run on many social media platforms. Please like, follow and share on any social media platform you can find me on.

I will start my run at the Kansas - Oklahoma border on highway 99 and finish 5 days later at the Kansas - Nebraska border. The actual event will take place in December from the 17th to the 21st. On December 17, 2022 I will have my 55th birthday and that day I will run 55 miles. I will continue to run 55 miles a day until I hit the state of Nebraska. During this run we will be looking to set up meet and greets along highway 99 in the cities we will be going through. During these meet and greets we hope to get families of Type 1 diabetic kids and veterans and pair them together.

Think of this: a veteran of the United States who fights a war in his or her head and body and a child who is fighting for their life, coming together to be a team. Veterans this will help as you see the child and family struggle with all-nighters, rushing to the emergency room, being upset about the cost of items just to keep their child safe and feeling good. Families of Type 1 will see the fight of the Veteran and the protector come out. They will be humbled and pissed about the way our own American families are being treated. I can't think of a better team.

So the key to making this successful is to find the families who want to help. It can be as simple as helping me with shoes, I will need another 4 pairs of shoes and other items just for the run. There is a list on the website under the W.A.R tab. It is not an exhaustive list but a good start. There are also ways to help Type 1 Diabetic families now. That list is on the website also. To make it even easier I will put the needs list with the email. You can't beat that!

We need to find Veterans and Type 1 Diabetes families along 99 highway and all over Kansas. We need to get with the cities, businesses, and families who live on or around 99 highway and let them know they can help. We need to find places to have a meet and greet in the towns. We need to have places where myself and a Type 1 Diabetes family can come and speak.

I am asking for your help. Yet this is not all I have committed to. This year if and when you see me you will know, I am growing my hair out all year for this same cause. On December the 24th 2022, I will go live on YouTube (Hallowed Lake) and shave my beard off and cut my hair. I would like to give the kids an opportunity to take a swipe at my beard and have some good laughs with everyone.

This is all because I feel very passionate about Veterans getting the help they need and deserve and Type1 Diabetes families need this too. I will be doing all this for awareness yet any money that comes in during the run and through the live streams, running and hair cutting Hallowed Lake will be splitting it in half. Half of the money will go towards Hallowed Lake and the other half will go to help Type 1 diabetes families with medical bills and insulin.

If you want to give money to Type 1 before the event please do. Just eat-mark it as Type 1 and we will put it in the fund to help these families and kids.

So there it is, a pretty simple year. I will be running, I will be hurting and yet all the time I will tell you it's already done. The run is the easy part. 240 miles is nothing!

Please help us out. Help me with prayer, with my needs list. Help Type 1 with prayer and their needs list. If you own a business consider raising money. The event is being called "The highway 99 W.A.R run". "War run" for short. Thank You for reading this letter. Please consider helping Hallowed Lake any way you feel led. Even if it is encouragement, I will need it. Thanks again, Scott Pracht President, Founder Hallowed Lake Hallowed Lake is a 501 (c) 3 Non profit organization.

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