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Reveille is the Official Newsletter of Hallowed Lake


I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what Hallowed Lake has been up to the past few months. As everyone should know I have committed to run up Kansas on HWY 99, Dec 17-21 2022. I have also been growing my hair out since announcing the run and will be cutting it off December 24, hopefully live on YouTube.

The run is starting to gain some momentum in Marion as several people are asking how my training is going and trying to figure out if I am crazy or not. My training is good and I feel very good. I am not worried about the 55 to 60 miles a day. That is the easy part! It will be done!

We have had people send shirts, socks, even had two pair of running shoes bought for the run, which I am very grateful for the help. Believe me, any help is good help. Most people have been very encouraging and willing to give me advice. I enjoy hearing from the sidelines. The needs list under the WAR tab is still there if you would like to help.

One of the biggest things I am dealing with for the run is how do I let people know how they can help? How do I get across to people that the run is not about me? How and what do I say to people who would like to help, but may not be able to give money or time? So please let me give you my goals for the run, personal and Hallowed Lake.

1) I want to see Veteran's living their lives, I am sick and tired of 22 veteran's a day taking their lives. This is unacceptable! We have to check on Veteran's, we have to let them know they are important. Hallowed Lake is about helping Veterans take time to relax in a peaceful place.

2) I want to bring Veteran's the best example I can be and hope it brings them a drive to continue through another day. Hallowed Lake is a big, "Hey, Love ya Man!" I am not perfect, far from it - but I do try, daily!

3) I want to build a group of people that will check on each other, they will work together and enjoy the days ahead. If you speak to me, you will probably hear this: "I could not believe when I got out of the Army, people do not even know their neighbors names!" You will look at me and confirm this and probably acknowledge that you do not want to know them. We need each other and I want to bring people together.

4) Personally, I want the run to bring people together in a common goal to see something great happen. I want Veterans meeting Type 1 individuals and families. Both groups struggle with everyday matters. Type 1 has to change their lives because of a disease, yet they learn and grow. Veterans have to learn how to live in civilian life again. It is hard however, both groups together can give great insight for the other.

5) Personally, I want to see more help to both Veterans and Type 1 without medication. This can only happen through Veterans and Type 1 families understanding that we need to talk, we need to make lists of what helps. We need to understand we are here for a reason and we can live it. We the people, are not their play tools!

6) This is very personal, I want to know God in a greater way and I want to push through the sitting on my butt waiting for something to happen. Its time to get up and move. Make it happen, I can and You can.

7) It is also very important that we find a way to raise the money for Hallowed Lake to be built. To me I cannot rely on man, nor will the Government be giving money to Hallowed Lake, so we must have hope and faith. This is what makes us drive forward and moves us to live our daily lives. Give that to someone who will listen.

So how do you help?

Many of you at this time will probably stop reading and skim through, its normal, I can't tell you how many times I have been told someone will do something and they don't. Things like shirt designs, committing to meetings, following on YouTube or social media or simply at a car show, I will come back and talk. It's the way of the world now. Say anything to get away. I am okay with you saying, I do not want to help. I can take that. I am so stunned today when someone says they are going to do something and they actually do it I almost tear up!

So take the above paragraph and understand the run will happen. It only take one to run, but it is much better with a team. If you would like to be a part of the team, please contact me and I will gladly share with you about the needs for the run. Also if you are a Type 1 family or induvial I would like to build a, "Hey, This works for me, list!" Please send a list of what works for you. Same for Veterans if you do something that makes you look forward to the day, please send a list. If you do not want to be known, just tell me. If you need more privacy send a letter to Scott

720 Hudson St

Marion, KS 66861

I would love to compile all this information for all of us.

Follow me on YouTube. I need 1000 followers on YouTube to go live. I truly believe my pain in the run will be a joy for you. You will want to watch, I would like to do some live events. It doesn't cost a thing for you to subscribe on YouTube. You would get a notification anytime I went live and you can turn them off if you want.

If you would like to be placed on a list of people who would like to have someone to connect with, I would love to build a list through WhatsApp. It is an app where you can talk to others or something of that type. Many of you may know an app or system to do this. Why can't Veterans and Type 1 families share and talk?

Pray: Pray for Money to build Hallowed Lake

Pray for

the run

People to follow

People to drive

People to give

People to listen and act

Scott to finish with all his toe nails


People to help

People to give lists

People to talk to

Type 1

People to give lists

People to talk to

A way to protect and help families have a place tgo go for rest.

So where are we on the plans for the run:

I have ordered 250 flyers which will be in Mid June to put in stores and any place that will allow.

I am going to drive 99 hwy again and try to get the flyers in windows in late July.

I am saving money for the total cost of the run: gas, hotels, food, equipment and helpers, so no money will come out of Hallowed Lake.

In late June I will begin to post to YouTube and Facebook my workouts. (Waiting for some things at Ace to be completed so I have time to film.)

I will design and get a shirt ready in August to be purchased to help with cost.

I will be running daily to prepare for the run.

These are some of the things I am doing, anyone who would like to help, please contact me.

I hope you find this information helpful. I am still looking for ways to help. The run is a sounding board to bring people together. Please help if you can! Thank you for reading!

Give me one more day and I will run one more hill.

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