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When you are in the air with a ruck sack between your legs and squished into a planes seating area with all your gear, you long to hear that call, "inboard personnel stand-up, outboard personnel stand up", it send hope through your aching body. The hard part is standing up with other soldiers around you pulling and pushing and reaching for a hold. Once you are up and standing, me usually number 1 or 2 jumper, the real fun begins.

This is where we stand or sit right now with Hallowed Lake; the IRS continues to put us in the seat. We could raise money now, but I feel it is important to get our tax exempt status first. We at Hallowed Lake are ready to go, to jump and get off this waiting time, yet we continue to wait. It will happen and when it does we will be ready to move in a direction which will build a great retreat for American Veterans of all branches.

I would like to congratulate each of you for making it to 2021 and looking with us into this next year. We will stay the course and continue to plan for our future spot for Veterans.

I would also like to say for those who are signing up to follow the blog and or to help. Please put a comment in the comment section and let me know what you are thinking. Thank You, Scott.

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