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What Is Hallowed Lake? And A Challenge For You!

Hallowed Lake is going to be a lake- not a pond, not a watershed, not a mudpuddle - a lake, which will be in Kansas, looking in the Flint Hills area with possible satellites in other areas of Kansas and even the United States. It will have Cabin's - not a shanty, not a hut, not a cottage - cabins which will be made for any disabled Veteran to enjoy their stay. Hallowed Lake will provide a family or group of friends with a place to visit and connect. It will be a peaceful place for a short vacation after a Soldier comes back from war. It will be a place where older Soldiers, like myself, can deal with the past by enjoying fishing, friends and family. Hallowed Lake will be a place for Veteran's, Family Of Veteran's and Active Duty, no matter the branch you serve or disability rating you have, to heal!

I am Scott Pracht, I am the founder and President of Hallowed Lake. We are a 501 (c) (3), tax exempt organization. I want to buy land and build a lake with cabin's for Veteran's to have a peaceful place to rest and enjoy for short periods. I served 15 years in the Army and have healed for 7 years now, by fishing and enjoying the outdoors. I call it going to the mountains. Now please help me build a place for others to enjoy, for the service they gave to YOU.

My challenge to you is simple: 1,000,000 people giving $5. I know I cannot do this on my own, I am not rich and will not be rich even with the money that goes to Hallowed Lake, its not mine, its ours. The Hallowed Lake board members and I ask you to share the snot out of this post, yes I said snot, and see how many people we can get across the United States to love on Veteran's. Please go to our website: and donate $5 for a Veteran you know. It only takes one million $5 donations to provide a place for all Veteran's. I don't think this is asking to much for the 1% of the United States population who served their Country. Thank You and God Bless.


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