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W.A.R. Run

Watch us, For awareness, rise up

What IS IT?

Hallowed Lake is joining ​with Type 1 Diabetic children and their families this year to bring awareness to the WAR each veteran and child fights daily. 

With War we want you to "Watch Us" as we work to bring veterans and Type 1 Diabetic families together. We want to bring "Awareness" to the fact that these Children have to battle everyday to fight for their lives, many Veterans do the same and both sides are losing warriors. Veterans to the number of 22 a day. We want you to "Rise Up" as we are to help these families and Veterans.  


Running Up Kansas & growing Hair and Beard

Scott the President of Hallowed Lake has committed to run from Oklahoma to Nebraska up highway 99, in Kansas, to bring awareness to the needs of Veterans and Type 1 Diabetic kids. Scott has also committed not to cut his hair until after the run.  No  he is not crazy he is passionate about Hallowed Lake and Type 1 Diabetes.

The goal is to bring awareness, Scott turns 55 years old December 17, 2022. He will start his run early in the morning  on his birthday and plan to run 55 miles a day, until complete. During this time we will be filming and having live events on YouTube/ Facebook and News channels. You will be able to see the pain.

On Christmas Eve Scott will also be on YouTube Live, allowing the people he meets to help shave his beard off. This will be a live money raising event which the proceeds will go to Hallowed Lake and Type 1 Families.  

What: Running Up Kansas
When: 17-21 December 2022
Where: HYW 99  Kansas
How: 55 miles a day until complete
What: Cutting of beard and hair
Where: Live on YouTube
When: 24 December 2022
How: Type 1 Kids get to help.
Get involved

There are several ways to help and more will be added as we go, feel free to contact Scott to help or find a way to help. 

Ways you can help.


Follow on Social Media and share

Need 1000 Followers on YouTube to go live in December. Scott at Hallowed Lake on YouTube

Running equipment




Put a donation can/jar/box in your business

Food each night after Scott runs


Pass Out Flyers

Watch YouTube as we post 

Have Scott come and speak

Gas money for tag along crew

Buy a shirt

Ways To Help TYPE 1 Families

Glucose Shakes

Scholarships for Camps

Scholarships for T1D siblings


Non-medical supplies

Glucose meter

test strips

ketone strips

alcohol prep pads

rescue foods


sharps container

shot blocker

overpatches for cgm or pump

Trip for families

Be a support family

Purchase a month of insulin

Purchase needles for a month

Donate for a cgm

Donate for a pump

Gifts for parents to have a break


Something for T1D to carry PDM/cell phone

Phone that is compatible with cgm

Comfort Items for kids

Money for Dr / Bills

Gas Cards

Kitchen scale

Medical Bracelets

Fanny Packs 

There are many more ways you can help and we continue to post things we need on Facebook and here. 

Anyone who lives on HWY 99, please contact with your willing to help in some way.

Any Type 1 Diabetic Child can be involved contact Scott and he will get to Jenile.


Veterans if you would like a chance to Rant, We are building a platform with Scott on YouTube for you to do this.   Type 1 Family's are welcome also

More Ideas will be posted each week.


W.A.R Run Route Up Kansas

Any Veteran or Type 1 family can run with Scott through the run. If you would like to know more please contact Scott. (Contact at the bottom of the page.)

The pace will be 10 to 12 minute miles, can go slower which is a fast walk to run with little children.

Day 1     17 Dec 22      57 Miles

Chautauqua, Ks

Sedan, Ks

Moline, Ks

Howard, Ks

Severy, Ks

Climax, Ks

Day 2    18 Dec 22    55 Miles 

Climax, Ks

Eureka, Ks

Hamilton, Ks

Madison, Ks

Emporia, Ks

Day 3    19 Dec 22   55 Miles

Emporia, Ks

Admire, Ks

Eskridge, Ks

Alma, Ks

Day 4    20 Dec 22   50.3 Miles

Alma, Ks

Wabaunsee, Ks

Wamego, Ks

Louisville, Ks

Westmoreland, Ks

Blaine, Ks

Frankfort, Ks

Day 5   21 Dec 22    23.6 Miles

Frankfort, Ks

Beattie, Ks

Summerfield, Ks

240 Miles of WAR


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